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You can access different Fractales12'songs by clicking an ALBUMS / SONGS on the top menu .:.

Ps : Keep in mind some songs may disappear or reappear at any time, and due to not having the best professional music-material you may need to adjust your volume knob between the songs (not mastered) ...

What's Fractales12?

Fractales12 or FractalesXII began in the first place to be Romain-Xavier Gros'Art Project in the period of 2ΘΘ3 because : Music seems to be the best Religion .:.

Romain is a (french) Sound-Alchemist who looks at music as an:
"Extra - Escape Needed".

Living now in Enschede (The Netherlands), Romain is combining different styles and instruments in his own studio living room.

Fractales12' Music style is known and unknown at the same time, song by song the listener will jump from Melancholic-Stoner Rock to Dark Metal Music, he/she may be deturned towards other types of music like : Electronic - Psychedelic Acid Music & Dark waves, etc .:.

Fractales12' Prose(s) are influenced at the first place by life, death, love and spiritual travels, however in general lyrics are mostly influenced by :

Till today (for Cosmic reasons) Romain never wanted to sell his music. Outside the "Music-World" Romain works for a company specialised in antennas & remotes controls...

He likes to draw (sometimes) using materials such as charcoal, and also likes to take pictures of lights or shadows in movement called "Abstract pictures" ...

Romain writes Novels by hand but they are not published to the "common of mortals" yet.

Fractales12.com is an Art'website and no-need to emphasize that Romain is very grateful to his family, friends, as his work'colleagues for understanding his personal mood ...

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Enschede, NL - EUROPE

Phone: N/A ! : None ! : None !

Email: fractales12{@}gmail.com